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Here are 9 ways to ensure you have the best hair transplant result possible

  1.  Choose  surgeons from Western Europe, Turkey or North America

Historically these are the areas with the best surgeons and the best results.   

In the last 15 years,  Turkey has overtaken both Western Europe and North America as the destination of choice for cost-effective hair transplants.

The reason Turkey is so popular is that it combines high quality work with extremely affordable prices.  

it is estimated a hair transplant in Turkey can be up to 25%-35% cheaper than the equivalent hair transplants in the rest of Europe and North America.

 25%-35%  is a huge amount when thousands of euros and dollars are at stake. 

2. Check your surgeons credentials


This Means things like medical qualifications,  registration status, specialist training and track record.

 You should also check their membership of professional organisations.   

For example many hair transplant surgeons are members of the International hair restoration surgeons Society. Although this is not a compulsory membership it puts the surgeon in good light in terms of his or her professional credentials.

hair transplant success tips

3. Ensure your WHOLE procedure will be with the lead surgeon of the clinic

In  many clinics,  the actual hair transplant procedure is done by technicians,  and the surgeon only supervises them,  perhaps only making the initial incisions.  

I think you should only go for clinics where the lead surgeon does your entire procedure.  

 The reason I say this is because this is such a crucial procedure for you,  which you paid a lot of money for, and you want the best chance to have your best results.  

 I am not saying technicians don’t do an incredible job,  but it’s the surgeon who is the most skilled person in the clinic,  and that’s the person that can guarantee you the best results.

 Of course if you have a procedure where the technicians do the bulk of the work,   it will likely be a lot cheaper for you; but I think you rather pay more to have the surgeon do all of your work – and perhaps pay extra for the peace of mind. 

4) Avoid very cheap offers

 Never go for a hair transplant that seems very cheap.   There are so many horror stories of people who did this and were left with  horrible results.

  A hair transplant  is a costly procedure to do.  It is technical and laborious.   And it requires some very advanced equipment.   So naturally, it is an expensive procedure to do.

 So if you find a clinic offering rock bottom prices,  you have to wonder where they are cutting corners. and when it comes to a head transplants you do not want any corners to be cut.  

You want to get it right first time as much as possible.

 So my advice to you is if you do not have  a realistic budget; wait until you do.

5) Don’t be tight! 

Do not have the mindset that you are looking for the cheapest hair transplant.   This mindset has got a lot of people in too deep trouble before.

 So I want you to dismiss this out of your mind immediately. 

 But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t have a budget.   you definitely should.

 But your budget should be dictated by your research.

 you should research the market carefully and that will tell you what a realistic budget for your hair transplant is.

  in my opinion this is the very best way to start thinking about how to budget for your hair transplant.

Your question should be “How much money do i need?”

NOT “How much money do i have?”

 6) Go for smaller sessions

A session  means one hair transplant procedure.  A session can be as small as 2000 grafts inserted,  or it can be a huge one with 5000 or 6000 grafts done.

 If your clinic advises that you need lots of grafts,  I would recommend you spread them over two or three sessions;  rather than pack them all in into one mega session.

Because remember,  your procedure is being done by humans.   and humans get tired ;Which can result in a decline in quality.

And and the other reason you want to have smaller sessions,  is that it gives you you an idea ear about the clinic’s quality of work.   Like “a taster”.

 if the first small session goes well,  then you’ll be more confident to go back to that clinic for more work in the future.

This is a much better strategy committing fully in your first procedure to a clinic you haven’t used before. 

Your prior research is all well and good, but its when the scalpel meets the scalp, that you see how good a clinic is. 

7)   Know your hair type

This will guide your research And play an important role in the clinic you choose.   

The majority of Surgeons are good at transplanting Straight hair.   like that of Caucasian and Asian hair.   

But if your hair type is more curly  like that of African Americans; you probably need to go to a surgeon that specialises in this type of hair. 

In fact your hair type may also determine the  technique used in your procedure. Generally, straight type hair is best suited to the the follicular unit transplantation (FUE)  technique. While the  strip method can work very well for curly hair types.

8) Read as many review as possible

But keep an open mind.   

Unless you see a consistent stream of bad reviews you should not run away from a clinic.   Even the very best clinics do not have a 100% successful track record.

You can find reviews in forums,  on Facebook, Reddit and google.

But bear in mind that some are fake reviews by marketers promoting certain clinics.   And some actively post negative reviews to undermine a rival clinic.

9) Get multiple quotes

This is absolutely vital.

 Firstly this gives you an idea about the number of grafts that you may need.   ideally all clinics should quote you the same number of hair grafts.

if one clinic seems to be either much higher or much lower than the rest,  then avoid that clinic, or at least ask them why their quote is so inconsistent with the rest.

Secondly, this gives you an idea about your budget.  if all the clinics quotes you you $4,000, then you know that most likely this is going to be your budget.  

 So never get one quote and go with that