This website is designed to help those who are considering a hair transplant; both men and women.

A hair transplant is a huge life decision, both financially and personally.

If it goes right it can make a wonderful difference to someone’s life.

But if it goes wrong, it can be disastrous. 

No one should EVER go into a hair transplant procedure without having:

  • The right information
  • All the information he/she needs

And this is where this website comes in!

To give you the RIGHT information.

Founder Biography

I am Jibril.  A pharmacist by training and i also used to work in a hair loss clinic in London.

I was involved both in the hair transplantation side, and the medicinal side of the industry.  

I founded this website in 2018, and the YouTube channel in 2020. 

Today, the website and YouTube channel generate over 55,000 unique views every single month.

None of this would be possible without the terrific support of my wonderful partners.