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Hair transplants in Turkey E-book

  • ✅The Best clinics in 2020  Named
  • ✅What the clinics DON’T want you to know
  • ✅Marketing tricks – EXPOSED.
  • ✅Industry jargon to know
  • ✅Common traps like the “tech trap”.
  • ✅17 questions to ask clinics BEFORE choosing one – crucial
  • ✅How long it takes to see full results – The truth


About the Author

Jibril is a British pharmacist with a long standing interest in hair loss and its treatments.

He has worked in a prestigious hair loss clinic in central London, and has intimate knowledge of the industry.

He has published numerous articles and videos on hair loss related topics.

And now, in an extremely rare move, he is sharing his knowledge of the industry with the wider public in a hugely entertaining and informative ebook.