What Are the Expectations?

If you’re experiencing hair loss, it’s natural to want to prevent it from going further or even to reverse the effects.

Hair transplants are a great way to get back the look of a full head of hair.

When we say a “full head of hair”, we don’t mean the hair you had at 18!

That’s never going to happen.

The treatment is essentially moving the hair follicles you already have to different places in your scalp to cover up any thinning or bald spots.

You are not making new hair!

A hair transplant can yield sensational result

But you are giving the illusion of more hair – and if done well, the results can be sensational.

It’s possible for this movement of follicles to visibly thin out places on your scalp that were previously thicker.

This procedure works best with scalps that have select areas of thinning hair, such as on the top or back of your head.

It doesn’t work as well for diffusely thinned scalp.

Having a full head of hair like in your teen years is impossible with a hair transplant, but eliminating obvious hair loss is entirely possible.

The Impact of Hair Loss | Can a hair transplant reverse it?

Hair loss, while normal, can have a significant impact on your self-esteem and confidence.

This is especially true if you start losing hair at a younger age than you had expected to.

While losing hair itself probably won’t have an impact on your career, the loss of confidence you might have due to hair loss will.

Losing confidence has a strong impact on how you present yourself and communicate with others, both in your work and social settings.

With less confidence, you might perform worse at your job or not do as well in interviews.

It also might make it harder to go out and meet new people.

Depending on the severity of your loss of confidence and self esteem, it might even make it harder to do things that used to seem easy and mundane,

such as a trip to the grocery store or going out with a friend.

It’s important to deal with this loss of self-esteem and confidence before it has a strong impact on your quality of life.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to get a hair transplant and remove the source of the problem.

From the client’s feedback, a hair transplant has often proved to be a huge self-esteem boost.

are hair transplants worth it?

The pros and cons of a hair transplanr

Having hair would give you your confidence back.

While regaining a full head of hair isn’t the only way to rebuild confidence after hair loss, it’s a great way to get back to the way you were before you started to lose hair.

Recovery Time

Hair transplants are a surgical procedure and therefore have a recovery time is associated with them.

The average recovery time for a hair transplant has three different stages.

You will probably be able to return to work after about two to five days after your surgery. 

But most people will probably not do this because the scalp still appears red and raw.

After about two to three weeks, the transplanted hair will fall out.

Don’t worry, because this is something that is expected to happen and will regrow in time.

The final stage is the growth phase.



Another factor is that results require patience.

This is not an overnight fix.

Once the transplanted hair falls out, new hair will regrow in those follicles and you will begin to see the full results of your treatment.

Most of the hair will be visible again within six to nine months.

Hair growth is a process that takes time.

Risk of Complications

Hair transplants are surgical procedures so there are always risks and complications that can arise.

The following are a few of the most common complications and side effects.

You will most likely have pain due to the nature of the procedure.


Your scalp will be cut into and your head has a lot of nerves in it.

Over time, the pain will fade.

Scarring is one of the most common side effects of this procedure.

Depending on which type of procedure you have opted for, you might have one long scar down your head or several smaller scars where follicles were added.

It’s also possible that your results will be asymmetrical.

Make sure that you are careful about the lines drawn on the area that will receive the transplant so the application is even.

If you have any kind of trauma to your head soon after the procedure, it could dislodge the transplants.

Make sure that you deal with this issue immediately or else it won’t be repairable.


Hair transplants aren’t cheap!

Since hair transplants are a cosmetic surgery, most insurance plans will not cover the price of the procedure.

cost of hair transplants
hair transplants can be costly

Depending on how extensive your hair loss is, getting a transplant could cost you anywhere between $4000 to $15,000.

Some procedures will leave scars, which can be permanent.

Hair loss as you age is inevitable for both men and women.

As you continue to age, your hair will naturally get thinner.

You may need to get another hair transplant to cover the scars or else they will be visible.

There is also a social stigma to consider.

Cosmetic treatments are often looked down on and the recipient of the procedure might be labelled as vain.

Hair transplants will probably be obvious to those who know you so make sure that you are okay with others knowing that you got the procedure.

Cost, recovery time and the variation in results are all important factors in a hair transplant decision

Should You Get a Hair Transplant?

Getting a hair transplant would be the most beneficial if you have insurance that would cover the cosmetic surgery or if you have enough money to be able to easily afford it.

Because there are other methods at your disposal to help you regain your confidence, hair transplant procedures are not always the best option.

If the cost of the procedure is something that is going to make a significant impact on your finances, you should explore other options before getting a hair transplant.

However, the longer you wait before getting a hair transplant, the more your hair thinning will progress.

As you lose more hair, the cost of the procedure will likely only get higher and it will be more difficult to create very noticeable results.

Getting a hair transplant should be something that you take time to think over before getting the procedure;

however, if you wait too long, it could harm your chances of having a successful procedure.

Talk to your doctor for some professional advice on whether or not you would be a good candidate for a hair transplant procedure.