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In this article, we will analyse 3 successful hair transplants from Turkey.


factors which determine cost of hair transplants in Turkey

This is a 43 year old gentleman who had 4000 grafts done in Turkey, 2015.

He had fairly advanced baldness to start with.  As you can see, his entire front to mid-scalp was almost completely bald.  But in his favour, he does have an excellent head shape for the “bald and proud” shaved look.

The final result is sensational.

The thickness is what strikes you straight away.  From where he started it’s remarkable.  To achieve this thickness, you need a lot of grafts and a skilled surgeon to pack them in, and it appears this patient had both.

Well, he definitely had the volume of grafts because 4000 is a relatively high number.

I also love the hair line.  It wasn’t brought down too much which would’ve looked rather silly on a mature man like him.  The artistry that went into the hairline is terrific.

We don’t really know the technique deployed in his procedure, but it’s probably FUE which is the most widely used for clients with his hair type.

Overall, this chap will be delighted with his hair transplant.  We don’t know what his crown, and donor areas look like but the front looks excellent.


Our second case is a younger man of 27.  His hair loss was milder than the first client, but he still had over 5000 grafts.  A rather aggressive treatment but all worth it, as his final result is stunning.

The hairline is completely filled in.  The hair is long and luscious.  He is well past the shedding phase by the looks of it.

The design of the hairline is excellent.  The clinic resisted the temptation to bring it down too much which would’ve probably altered his looks a bit too much, and made his hair transplant rather obvious.


hair transplant result turkey

Our third candidate probably has the most  extensive balding. He must be at least a Norwood 4 or 5.   and he wasn’t thinning, he was actually almost completely bald.

 Looking at his results,  the first thing that strikes us Is the incredible  thickness. Sometimes when severely balding people get hair transplants,  the final result is a wispy thin look; where you can still see the person’s scalp in areas.  

 With this gentleman,  there are no such issues. his hair is thick as grass with no gaps whatsoever.   I’m guessing he must have had at least 1 Mega session or two smaller sessions to achieve this incredible level of thickness.  

 He may also have been is slightly lucky,  in that he had thick hair type which gives better looking density.  

Usually people of African descent, with their curly hair type have this,  but you still find people of other races with naturally thicker hair coverage. 

I also love the artistry of the hairline.   Firstly the hairline is quite high which I think is entirely appropriate and natural. 

The hairline actually reminds me of a 1950s movie Star! 

I think this client would look superb with a hint of Brylcream!

 As I have always said;  hair transplantation is not just a procedure –  it is an art form.

I hope these case studies have proved useful and shown you the positive side of hair transplants.


The success of these hair transplants will have no impact on your chances of a successful hair transplant.

Allthough all effort has been taken to check the facts of each of the featured cases, we were not able to contact the original clients directly to verify these accounts.