Consultation service

Planning a Hair Tranplant ?

Do you know the answer to the following questions INSTANTLY?

Are you a good hair transplant candidate?

· What is the BEST time for your hair transplant

· How many grafts should you have?

·Should you accept an offer of a mega-session?

What are the chances you will need a 2nd procedure?

Are you being over-charged?

Which technique you should ask for?

· Which techniques you should AVOID?

· How to avoid over-harvesting?

· How to get VIP service from clinics WITHOUT paying any extra?

· How to avoid a hairline disaster?

If the answer is NO, then STOP

You may be heading for a failed hair transplant


who will answer these questions for you | before you take a single step inside a clinic

You might think “well, the clinic will tell me all this, so i don’t need to worry about these questions

Well, think again!

And here is why you CANNOT just rely on clinics to look after your interest 

1)   It’s in the clinic’s interest you have your procedure AS SOON AS POSSIBLE [not when is best for you]

2)   It’s in the clinic’s interest you have AS MANY grafts as possible [more grafts = more money for clinics]

3)   There is usually ZERO follow-up with clinics; so any mistakes and you are on your own

4)   Clinics usually PUSH YOU towards their favoured technique [not necessarily the one that is best for you]

A badly over-harvested client. Turkey, 2017


Consultation Price

The consultation is NOT free.

There are different pricing options.

30min consultation is £140.

60min consultation with follow up is £240.

(Remember this is a tiny fraction of the cost of a hair transplant)

We will email you prices once we accept your booking


Your consultation will be with Jibril, who is a pharmacist and hair transplant consultant.

Jibril worked in a prestigious hair clinic in the UK, and has been researching hair loss for many years.

He has mentored and advised hundreds of hair transplant clients through their journey to a full head of hair.

Jibril is also a published author with a popular hair transplant consumer guide.