Do this before a hair transplant

Thicker shaft and larger diameter hair is far easier to transplant, and will have a much better chance of surviving post surgery – Meaning better results for you.

And in this post i will discuss the best way to get your hair in the best shape for a transplant REGARDLESS of how bald you are.

EVERY hair transplant candidate should be doing this..

Before AND after the procedure..

You should be taking the 14 vitamins and minerals PROVEN to thicken hair shaft and diameter.

I ALWAYS advise people to do this during my consultations


Because science has proven they work..

WITHOUT those key vitamins and minerals

Unsuccessful hair transplant due to weak growth


The problem has always been finding a brand that actually works…

Most brands on the market use LOW GRADE ingredients ..

A waste of money..

My chosen brand

But now, there is a new brand which claims to work..

Its called Foligrow

With a simple formulation tweak, they were able to:

Thicken hair shaft

Improve density 

Accelerate hair growth


It doesn’t matter if you think your “diet is good”..

ALMOST EVERYONE is deficient in some of these key vitamins.

Why does Foligrow work ? (better than other brands)

Well, the company claims they have made their ingredients more pure than any other product on the market.

So they are absorbed better by the hair roots.

Certainly, low purity of ingredients is a massive problem in the supplement industry


Foligrow is worth using if you hair is weak or falling.

Particularly before and after a hair transplant (to maximize your results)

Given its high purity it may work better than other brands

Ideally, if decide to try, its best to try for at least 4-6 months