What's the fuss about?

Kyle walker is an english professional footballer.  And there is a lot of speculation online as to whether he has had a hair transplant.

There are hardly any solid factual confirmations on Kyle Walker having a hair transplant procedure.

So i went online and looked at past pictures of him to pick up any possible clues.

In the video and article below, i summarise my findings.

Kyle walker is a professional footballer with Manchester City Football club

The facts that we know so far

Firstly, Kyle has never confirmed or denied he had a hair transplant.

Either because he thinks the rumours are so silly he rather not bother.

Or, he may have had a hair transplant and he thinks by keeping silent people will get bored and leave him alone!

Secondly, Kyle Walker is balding. There is no doubt about this.  Particularly at the crown – as i demonstrate in the video.

So he is a candidate for a hair transplant.  And being a footballer he can afford to see the best clinic.

Thirdly, i think he would be a good candidate for an FUE procedure.


Well, his hair looks fairly curly, and typically this type of hair results in lovely dense hair transplant results – provided you see a decent clinic.

And secondly, he has plenty of donor hair.

Could it be telogen Effluvium

There are some articles online which claim his hair loss is due to a condition called Telogen Effluvium.

This is a form of temporary hair loss which can affect anyone at any stage. 

It is usually triggered by stress, traumatic event or various health conditions.

Telogen Effluvium is usually reversible.

Looking at the pattern of his hair loss, i think Telogen is less likely ; although it’s perfectly possible he had it at one point.

His hair loss is typical male pattern hair loss throughout.

It affects the crown and frontal hair line. 

From what i read, Telogen tends to affect the entire scalp.

Also the thinning tends to be quite diffuse.

I can’t see where Kyle’s hair loss fits these two patterns.


Video and conclusion

Video content:

  • Introduction
  • Before pictures (i.e. before hair loss)
  • After pictures
  • Analysis
  • Conclusion