Best Hair Transplant London Reviews

The Private Clinic

Quality of the Official Website for the Clinic

The Private Clinic was established in 1983 and employs a team of GMC-registered surgeons.

The website for The Private Clinic features a modern, responsive design that works well on all types of devices.

A good website is non-negotiable in this day and age.

Visitors can easily navigate the site to explore the company’s services, clinic locations, and surgeons.

The sleek, professional website demonstrates the company’s dedication. The site includes a wealth of information on the various procedures offered, including a thorough encyclopaedia of commonly used terms.

The company’s phone number is visible on every page. You can also visit the “Surgeon & Doctors” page to learn more about the team and the “Our Clinics” page to find the nearest clinic. 

Available Hair Transplant Procedures

The Private Clinic specialises in hair transplant surgery for men and women. The hair transplant services include Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) using the latest technology.

The clinics also provide a wide range of cosmetic procedures, including skin treatments and body sculpting. The experienced surgeons at The Private Clinic can also take care of vein removal and bunion removal.

So they are by no means a specialist company in hair transplants

Quality of the Results and Case Studies

The majority of the work displayed on the website is for Caucasian type hair.  There is a broad range of ages from mid 20s to well into 50s.

So it is probably fair to assume the clinic has a strong track record with Caucasian type hair.

The website for The Private Clinic includes a detailed case study of a previous client.

The client suffered from a receding hairline and underwent an FUE hair transplant with 5,000 hair follicles.

This client is probably a Norwood 4, but his donor hair appears strong

The team at the clinic successfully restored the patient’s hairline. The results appear natural, with dense patches of hair in areas that were previously bald.

I particularly like the hairline which is angled and suitably high for the client’s age.

There is nothing worse than a 20 year old hair line on a 35 year old man!

Notice also how the hairline is quite fluffy at the edge.  None of that “ken doll” pluggy look you see in some clinics.

Customer Reviews and Online Reputation

The Private Clinic maintains a 4.2-star rating out of 5-stars with 179 total reviews on Google.

Most customers praise the quality of customer service and the results of their treatments.

On the platform Trustpilot, The Private Clinic has an excellent 4.6-star rating out of 1,204 customer reviews. Eighty-seven percent of customers awarded the clinic a 5-star review.

Cost of Hair Transplant Procedures

The cost of hair transplant procedures is based on the number of hairs transplanted.  So it’s not a question that can be answered broadly.

The Private Clinic charges about £2.50 per graft at the London location, which is noticeably lower compared to the average price of £2.99.

The prices may vary slightly at the clinics in Leeds, Birmingham, Northampton, and Manchester.

Harley St Healthcare Hair Transplant Clinic


Harley St Healthcare is a company with multiple hair transplant clinics throughout the UK, including its main clinic on Harley Street in London. Patients can choose from a variety of procedures, including FUT and FUE hair transplants.

Quality of the Official Website for the Clinic

The website for Harley St Healthcare includes the features you expect from a local business, including a responsive design and simple menu.

The about page offers a list of the various clinic locations and some background information on the company. Visitors can also view profiles of the hair transplant surgeons that work at the clinics.

The phone number and a contact form are available on most pages, allowing you to easily schedule a consultation.

So far, so good!

Available Hair Transplant Procedures

Harley St Healthcare specialises in hair transplant procedures.

The available procedures include FUE hair transplants, FUT hair transplants, eyebrow treatments, and beard treatments.

The services are available for both men and women.

Quality of the Results and Case Studies

The website includes a page dedicated to the latest hair transplant results completed by the surgeons at Harley St Healthcare. The photos on the page show a variety of before and after pictures.

Each set of photos lists the number of grafts and hairs transplanted and the type of procedure.

Most of the examples are of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) transplants, which are minimally invasive compared to FUT transplants.

Many of the patients suffered from severe receding hairlines, which were easily corrected with the FUE procedure.

Customer Reviews and Online Reputation

Harley St Healthcare has 98 Google reviews and 31 Trustpilot reviews, with an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 on both platforms. Ninety-seven percent of customers gave the clinic a 5-star review on Trustpilot.

The only negative complaint was related to a miscommunication regarding a COVID test and was not connected to the company’s hair transplant services.

Based on its online reputation, Harley St Healthcare is one of the most trusted sources for hair transplants in London.

Cost of Hair Transplant Procedures

Harley St Healthcare includes a breakdown of its costs for FUE procedures. The cost is based on the number of grafts.

For example, a minimal FUE procedure with up to 500 grafts costs £3.99 per graft. A mega FUE procedure with up to 2,000 grafts costs £2.99 per graft and the Giga FUE procedures cost £2.27 per graft.

The prices are comparable to the average prices in London.

Harley Street Hair Clinic

Not to be confused with Harley St Healthcare, Harley Street Hair Clinic is another of the top clinics for reliable hair transplants and other cosmetic procedures.

The clinic was one of the first clinics in London to offer high-quality FUE hair transplants in the UK.

Quality of the Official Website for the Clinic

Harley Street Hair Clinic has a quality website with clear navigation and readily available contact information. The phone number and email address are always a click away at the top of the screen.

Visitors can also click on the “Book a Consultation” button to quickly schedule a consultation online.

Available Hair Transplant Procedures

The website includes detailed information on all the procedures available at Harley Street Hair Clinic, including a full range of hair transplant procedures.

The clinic offers FUE hair transplants, eyebrow reconstruction, scar repair, hair loss medication, and advanced pigmentation services.

Quality of the Results and Case Studies

Harley Street Hair Clinic 45 examples of past FUE hair transplant procedures. The patient gallery includes case studies for a long list of patients, including both male and female patients.

Each case study includes photos, customer quotes, and a short video containing a customer testimonial.

Most of the patients received FUE hair transplants to address receding hairlines and hair loss around the frontal areas of the crown.

The results are impressive, as they showcase the effectiveness of the procedures on patients of all ages and varying levels of baldness.

Showing the before and after hair transplant result of this client on the Harley st website.

harley street hir transplant review

This client was probably a Norwood 4 with mostly frontal hair loss.  The final result is excellent.  The hairline is high and density is good.

However, on very close examination the hair can look slightly pluggy in places.

Customer Reviews and Online Reputation

Harley Street Hair Clinic has a 4.3-star rating on Google out of 62 reviews. Customers overwhelmingly praise the quality of the hair transplant procedures. However, several customers have complained about the quality of customer service.

The clinic has a much better online reputation on Trustpilot. The company has a 4.8-star rating on Trustpilot out of 430 reviews.

The customers frequently mention the professionalism of the surgeons and their satisfaction with the outcome of the procedures.

Cost of Hair Transplant Procedures

The website includes a hair loss graft calculator to give prospective patients a more realistic estimate. You can select your age, ethnicity, and the areas where you have hair loss.

However, you need to submit your name, phone number, and email address to receive the estimate.

The estimated price is between £3000 and £8100 for 500 to 3000 grafts, which is slightly higher than the competition.