Who are they?

Longevita are a company based in the UK,  who arrange hair transplants in Turkey through their network of clinics and surgeons.

Longevita don’t just do hair transplants, they do various other procedures but in this article we will focus on their hair transplant activities.

Inside of Longevita’s office

How long have they been established?

The company was incorporated in the UK in 2012;  but their website was registered in 2018.

So the company is 7 years old,  and is well established off line.

Off course bad companies don’t usually last for 7 years, so this is a good early in favour of Longevita.

Who are their surgeons?

There are three surgeons listed on the company’s website,  they are:

  • Yasemin Turgut
  • Sevgi Uzun
  • Mehmetcan Polat

Yaesmin Turgut

sevgi ozun

Now,  in my research  I couldn’t find much information on any of these surgeons.

 Particularly, In terms of their background and work.   

This is not necessarily a bad thing, because certain professionals just work away from the glare of social media.

You shouldn’t have many worries that these are legitimate professionals.  Turkey has a strong and well regulated medical field.

What are their results like?

The results gallery on the website are very good overall.   The thickness and the quality of the hairlines are excellent.

 I  like the variety of clients,.  They have people of various ages and hair types.

 I also like how they respect the client’s  privacy by covering up their face – this is the sign of an ethically run clinic.   

They clearly understand the basics confidentiality.

 The only downside is that the pictures are partially obscured by the company’s logo.

I also did not see many results featuring women Or  people of African or Asian descent.

 Off course,  no clinic can claim to have 100% success,  but if these results are anything to go by, then Longevita delivers superb results.

longevita hair before and after
An excellent result for this client. He was probably a Norwood 4 in terms of hair loss severity (moderate). He was particularly receding over his left temple. We can’t see what the crown is like. The end result is an excellent hairline and density. Unfortunately, the website doesn’t tell us how many grafts he has had but i suspect its a substantial number given the superb density.
longevita hair transplant before and after analysis
I am not too thrilled with this result. The client was probably a Norwood 5-6. But his end result, particularly at the hairline, is too thin. The picture may have been taken before the full growth potential was reached, so let’s hope the client’s density improved. Looking at his donor potential, he actually appears to have very good donor hair at the sides.

What techniques do they use?

Mostly the FUE technique. 

This technique relies on the plucking of individual hair follicles from the donor area,  and it’s usually the gold standard in hair transplantation now.

 it also delivers natural results with very minimal scarring.

What are their unique selling points?

  1. The company arranges everything for you.

This popularly known as the “package hair transplant”

 This includes the procedure,  flights, hotels , transfers ,  and aftercare.

off course you can do all this yourself,  but if you don’t have the time I’m then this service might be for you.

  1.  They “guarantee” the lowest prices.

 I am slightly uncomfortable with this,  because with hair transplants, price should not be a top priority.   

The final result should always be your number one priority.   

 I am also uncomfortable with the price they quote on the sales page.   Firstly, because the price varies for every client, and secondly because it just looks too low.  

 The danger is that people will see this price and they will expect to have a full head of hair for that price,  which is totally unrealistic.


I subsequently worked out (a few weeks after initially writing this article) the reason they can offer these low prices is because the company is subsidised by the Turkish government –  according to the website anyway.

So this makes sense perfect now.

Longevita website content
Longevita website truly has some terrific educational content.

2. They offer a 12 month interest free finance option

This is a very handy feature for people who want to spread the cost of the hair transplant over months.  

I think this will make hair transplants more affordable to more people, which is almost always a good thing.

3. Incredible website

Now this is something I added as a bonus,  because I was really impressed with their website.   

it is incredibly educational.

Someone who knows nothing about hair transplants can find the information on this website extremely useful.

 I also like how the website is simply laid out with all the key information that a client might want to see.

 The information on the website is also very accurate from what I can see, 

Whoever put the contents of the website together has a deep and thorough knowledge around the subject of hair transplantation.


Any horror stories?

Overall,  No.

Longevista customer reviews
There are plenty of reviews on Longevita’s own website.

   Having said that, there were a few cases of people who were not happy with either the results or the service they received.  

 On the main hair loss forums,  my impression was that the clinic was well rated;  but I was slightly suspicious that some of the people commenting on this clinic might have been people paid to promote it.  

I say this because there was a few cases where the same names were popping up in threads related to Longevita.


Overall, I was impressed with longevity during my research.

They are competitively priced as they are subsidised by the Turkish government.

Their website suggests they are a professional and customer-focused outfit.

The content on their website is probably the best i have seen on any hair loss clinic.

 On the downside, there were cases of people complaining about the service or the results.   And some of the photo gallery results on their own website looked below par.

Overall ,my impression is that they are a very good clinic.

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