Terms of service (consultation)

Terms of service

A member of the public over the age of 18 agrees on consultation with representatives of myhairimplants.com, and who agrees to all the following terms and conditions.

Representatives of myhairimplants.com, which is subsidiary to Pharma Formula Ltd.

“The service”

Is either

1)    Written advice sent via email to the client, otherwise named the “standard package”.
2) A live consultation, one-to-one consultation between us and you – delivered through a telephone call or virtual meeting.  Otherwise known as the “Elite package”.

You must be 18 or over on the date the service is delivered, to be accepted into the service.
You must fill in a medical questionnaire sent to you prior to a consultation, before the consultation date by at least 24 hours.
You must agree to these terms by signing them digitally via the form given.

The service outline:
1)         Establish your hair transplant expectations and medical history
2)         Suggest strategies on maximising your hair transplant success
3)         Discuss suggested clinics, cost and travel around your planned hair transplant


“Elite package” consultations are 45 minutes long and cost $130.

The full amount must be paid at least one day before the date of the consultation.

Each follow up consultation in the “elite package” is 15 mins long and there are 3 of them in total.


If a client is late, for whatever reason, by more than 5 mins the consultation will be cancelled but we may offer an opportunity to reschedule.

A consultation may not be split over 2 or more dates, except at our discretion.  All consultations will be conducted in English.
We are not liable for the outcome/results/complications of any potential hair transplant, other medical procedure or medical product that you may undertake/use after using our service.
Our advice is not a substitute for the advice of your medical practitioner.  We strongly advise you to seek the advice of your medical practitioner prior to taking any medication or undertaking any medical procedure.


The “standard package” price is $30.  One email of summary will be sent to each client which will cover the following:


Our opinion if client is a good candidate for hair transplant or not

Our suggested graft numbers

Suggested technique

Potential clinic suggestions

Tips on maximising hair transplant success or hair growth

Answers to further questions asked on the form by the client [max 3]

No questions will be answered after the consultation email is sent.

The “elite package” covers the same points as above plus any questions the client may have.  After the conclusion of the consultation a summary email will be sent to the client within 24 hours.

Refund Policy

we will not provide a refund after the service has been delivered. i.e. the consultation has taken place.
But you have up to 72 hours before the agreed consultation date to cancel for a full refund.
If you are not satisfied with the service, please contact us and we will work hard to meet your expectations as much as we can.
For the “elite package”, you may receive a partial refund of $30 after the first consultation has taken place.


All correspondence, including photos and emails are kept in the strictest of confidence.
We do not share your information with any 3rd party persons or group except with your permission.
All emails and photos are deleted from our system within 3 months of the consultation date